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ozone therapy


The use of ozone in the treatment of disease: Ozone is known as one of the most important gases in the atmosphere. ozone layer in the atmosphere protects organisms against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. so it maintains organisms’ lives on the earth and Red Ultraviolet radiation that reaches the Earth is absorbed and it is protected from cooling

Ozone is a strong oxidant with a high affinity for inorganic and organic compounds as well. So it will be able to create different effects in the body.Ozone was discovered in the late eighteenth century and later due to certain smells that occurs in high concentrations it was called ozone or odorant gas. This word is derived from the Greek word ozone

Ozone is largely used in industry such as water purification industry , particularly in Paris and also in the textile industry and the dyeing of cellulose. The antibacterial properties of ozone are used in edible oysters.


History of Medical Ozone began in the twentieth century. Ozone was applied to treat wounds trench foot, gangrene during World War I. Later it was also used for the treatment of cancer and bedsores. Nowadays, after 125 years, ozone is being used in medicine in many countries such as: Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Japan and America. Currently International Forums ozone holds Congress in the world. Ozone has different treatment effect. The most important ones are:

Strong effects of exterminating infection by bacteria, fungi and viruses

anti-inflammatory effects

pain soothing effect

detox properties

increase blood oxygen levels and enhance enzyme


the effect on blood clotting

Strengthen the immune system

According to the above mechanism of ozone it role plays in the treatment of diseases associated with pain, such as arthritis, lupus,……………… backache and spinal disc and arthritis of the knee.

Ozone is largely being used in treatment of infectionsand infectious diseases, wound infections, Osteomyelitisandboneinfections, bed sores, osteoarthritisandcardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, bronchitis, kidneyinfectionsandPyelonephritis Duodenalulcers andgastric ulcersandgastritis andcolitisanda variety ofintestinaldiseases, hepatitis andliver disease, infectious disease of women, skin diseasessuch as Herpes, psoriasis Andvasculardiseasesof the brain andnervous systemsuch as meningitisandencephalitis isan inflammatorydisease. These days this gas is wildly used for treating AIDS patients.

Using Ozone in treatment is safe and free from danger and it should be used cautiously during active bleeding and patients who use anticoagulant drugs . Ozone can be used in different forms such as administering ozone drinks, stain blood with Ozone and intra-articular injection of ozone and injecting ozone into the muscles and skin, and many other methods.